#1623 – partay

went to the party hosted at mouse_the_drunk and leahkitty‘s apartment, and got to hang with some friends i haven’t seen in a long time, and met a bunch of new people that i hadn’t met at all.

want to know how crazy the post-mardis-gras mardis-gras party night got? well, it was really crazy, that’s how crazy it was. and part of it involved me in just my boxer shorts, couple other guys in their boxers/briefs, another couple guys in pants and undershirt, one girl in pants and bra, and one girl completely naked (don’t think she had any reservations about that, it seemed) from playing a very vicious game (during which i was elbowdropped) of strip twister. XD for the sake of god and all that is holy i decided to stop when i was left in my shorts, lol. it was funny though at one part when i was playing with 3 other guys and they started pushing against each other to tip someone over, and since i was in the middle i realized that suddenly my feet and hands weren’t on the ground, and so i just went up overtop of them and i ended up crowdsurfing back and forth across these 3 guys on my back. while i did that i just looked back at everyone else in the room, lifted my feet to show that they weren’t touching the ground and shrugged as if to say “what else was i supposed to do??” as i went back and forth. wish i had a picture of me doing that… it cracked everyone up.

but later in the night one guy’s car was towed by a shady character who said that he’d give the car back for $75 cash, and when we scrounged up enough cash and asked him for a permit to show that he really was allowed to tow cars he drove off. 😛

crazy, man, crazy.

and eric (aka. “GER” / “generic eric” / “dj potatoe” / mr #3 ddr player on the east coast) was there too – he’s on his way moving down to richmond. he was able to burn zenmetsu and myself each a copy of his own ddr mixes where he’s made some of the songs and choreographed them for the computer. yay! now i just need to figure out how to get the ddr program for the mac to work properly. ^^;; we also played some ddr and beatmania there too, and showed a bunch of people the wisdom of strong bad’s emails, hehehe

and since bruno_boy needs go back to umbc tomorrow, and i may have to go there to work on a group project, i took him back here so tomorrow we both can go up to umbc. i bet the parents are going to be confused to see him here when they wake up! hehe

uggh… time for bed, since it’s almost 5 am… ^^;