#1619 – the pirates 'arr' right

yeah, i’m listening to “material girl”, so what? i crack myself up when i end up singing to it in the car on the way to/from school, hehe…

had school today, nothing terribly special there. photocopied pages from the physics book on hold at the library (since i’m too poor to buy one, and this one is free to use for 2 hours at a time), so i could take those home and study from for an exam i’m having on tuesday.

came straight home after school, and nobody was around. turned out mom, kelly, and anne went to kelly’s school for some meeting of the national art honors society or something. when they got home i was able to give kelly her present for her 18th birthday today. ^^

see, because she was turning 18, i got her $10 worth of scratch-off lotto tickets (1x $5 “captain cash” with a picture of a piratey-looking guy on the front, and 5x $1 “lucky-8s”, because all pirates are always carting those pieces-of-eight around), and put them in her card. when she was opening her card, i told her it was “part birthday present, part game-show” – after she opened it and saw the tickets, i took various bills totaling $10 in cash and we played

(i made up a sign saying that and it had a picture of bob barker on it too, hehe)

actually, it was more like “let’s make a deal”, but i hadn’t seen “let’s make a deal” before, and besides, “the price is right” has a cool font for its title 😛 in any case, i told her that there was always the option that she may not win anything at all, so if she wanted, she could “sell” back none / any / all of her tickets for the value of the ticket, so she could get guaranteed cash if she wanted.

in the end she sold one of her $1 tickets back to me, won $1 from another $1 ticket, and at the end she bought back the ticket she sold to me and won $1 on that (i told her that if she didn’t buy it back from me and afterwards i scratched it off and won, we’d split the winnings from that ticket). so she got a total of $2, thought it was the coolest thing that she got to do something you had to be 18 to do, and we had fun in the room pretending it was a crazy game-show – she was “phoning a friend” at the beginning to ask stueypark who was also in the room what she ought to do for her first ticket, and he pretended he was an answering machine saying he wasn’t home right now. later on she was asking mom and anne in the room for ideas what she should do, and they were shouting “buy it back! buy it back!”, just like people on “the price is right”, hehe

tomorrow i work for 4 hours, have a dentist appointment, and get to sit around the house for the rest of the day! and weekend too!