#1613 – chat log

just about every time i chat with jibakushounen, i end up saving the chat log. why? because our conversations rock that much house.

thePfhitz: sweet, you can open up secret swiss bank accounts for as little as $3500!

thePfhitz: i am SO there

jibaku shounen: I wish I had $3500 right now =/

jibaku shounen: Give me $3500!

thePfhitz: i wish i had that too ;_;

jibaku shounen: Let’s sell drugs.,

thePfhitz: i say you and i go to japan, make a fortune on pachinko, find some hawt chix and have mad cosplay sex, and use that to fund our bank accounts

jibaku shounen: Nicholas Cage loves Pachinko

thePfhitz: lol

thePfhitz: let’s hold his pachinko machines for ransom then… hm

jibaku shounen: So I saw Daredevil

jibaku shounen: It was worth 9 bux.

thePfhitz: i haven’t seen it, but i think they could have picked a better actor than affleck

thePfhitz: why not stevie wonder? he’s blind!

jibaku shounen: And he could do the soundtrack!

thePfhitz: if he directed too, then it could say: a stevie wonder film… starring stevie wonder… music by stevie wonder… casting by stevie wonder, c.s.a…

jibaku shounen: Shit, I’d see it

jibaku shounen: Or, hear it.

thePfhitz: hehehe

thePfhitz: hm… i really should try to get into japanese tv… i’d make a great talk-show host or something

jibaku shounen: Who’s on the $10 bill?

jibaku shounen: dude, just be an English teacher

jibaku shounen: Great Teacher Glenn!

thePfhitz: jackson

thePfhitz: no, wait, he’s on the 20

thePfhitz: hmmm….

thePfhitz: lol, that would be great too

jibaku shounen: Hamilton!

thePfhitz: pfft

thePfhitz: it’s not teddy roosevelt

thePfhitz: he should have been on there

jibaku shounen: BULLY!

thePfhitz: i can’t wait to get enough money so i can actually spend some and get my tablet

thePfhitz: el presidente is going to rock the hizouse

jibaku shounen: My girlfriend called Wargames a crappy movie. I’m dumping her.

thePfhitz: tell her in a robot voice: “SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? IT’S CALLED ‘OUTTA MY HOUSE BITCH!!’ GAME OVER, HA! HA!!”

jibaku shounen: I love you more than her now.

thePfhitz: oh baby!

thePfhitz: lol

thePfhitz: lol, i like this guy’s review of my “gendo, son of god” music vid

thePfhitz: “Originality – I’ve never heard this song before and there aren’t many, if any, Gendo-centric comedy vids.”

jibaku shounen: Gendo-centric indeed

jibaku shounen: I think I might do “Rest Awhile” (if you’ve heard it yet) with Bebop. If for no reason other than the reference to Ruy Lopez (author of works on chess)

jibaku shounen: Makes what should be a hard part of the song rediculously easy

thePfhitz: lol

jibaku shounen: Of course that means clearing enough space on my drive to rip my Bebop DVDs

thePfhitz: i was trying to work on “she is beautiful” by andrew wk to “ah my goddess”

thePfhitz: 2 problems:

thePfhitz: half the time you can’t figure out what he’s “singing”

jibaku shounen: Heheh, so true

thePfhitz: and all of the audio waveforms in premiere for the song are all scribbly-scrabbly (imagine a giant solid BLOCK of waveforms for the entire song) so you can’t easily see the beats or changes in lyrics

jibaku shounen: Heh, yeah, AWK likes that whole “Wall of Noise” effect

thePfhitz: no kidding

thePfhitz: once i get a chance to steal dan’s brother’s dvds again i’m planning on doing bebop to “evelyn, a modified dog” by zappa

jibaku shounen: That should be pretty 😎

thePfhitz: and if i’m really crazy, “ice ice baby” to bebop as well… it could be titled “he’s spike spike baby”

jibaku shounen: I would stab you in the face if you make that anything short of awesome

thePfhitz: lol

thePfhitz: it would be rather random, lol… and it would rock out if i could give spike a flat-top

thePfhitz: and sequins on the back of his jacket

jibaku shounen: ….that would make me love you more again

thePfhitz: lol

thePfhitz: hm… i wonder if they have anime music vids in japan?

jibaku shounen: I should hope so

thePfhitz: that would be cool to see… i ought to find an anime con in japan

jibaku shounen: You mean the original Otakon?

thePfhitz: that would be AWESOME. or as wesley willis says, “AHSOME!!”

jibaku shounen: You damn right it would. Go to both Otakons in one year?

thePfhitz: hell yeah

thePfhitz: we should save up for like a year and just go to japan for a month

jibaku shounen: I like the cut of your jib, boy

thePfhitz: hehe

thePfhitz: we could wreak havoc in capsule hotels!

jibaku shounen: Also, love hotels

thePfhitz: yep yep

thePfhitz: we could go to japanese bars and be mr. charisma

jibaku shounen: You mean Mr. Whitey McWhite?

thePfhitz: japanese girls: “you have many muscle chest! you want i buy you drink?”

thePfhitz: hell, this is japan! all western guys = mr charisma

jibaku shounen: I always love your interpretations of reality

thePfhitz: if that wasn’t the case, well, hey, at least we get to frighten a bunch of japnese people

jibaku shounen: This is always true. Also, we could teach them helpful* English phrases

jibaku shounen: *harmful

thePfhitz: lol

thePfhitz: aha! found it!

thePfhitz: at katsucon, they had this guy who founded gainax, and he was talking about trying to get this con in japan:

thePfhitz: sci-fi/anime convention

thePfhitz: and to sign up for a presupporting membership, it’s only $20

thePfhitz: XD

jibaku shounen: Hey! That’s only 4 years away!

thePfhitz: hehe

thePfhitz: yeah, i say we make that an expedition… i’ve even got contacts in japan from my trip, hehehe

thePfhitz: savin’ up for a year and going for a month, hehe

jibaku shounen: That’s so disproportionate =/

thePfhitz: well, i saved up for a few months and went for half a month… but most of the time i was eating cup noodles (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

jibaku shounen: Heh, but hell, you can get cup noodles HERE

thePfhitz: but saving up for a year… we could live like KINGS!!!

thePfhitz: or emperors

thePfhitz: whatever

jibaku shounen: …and buy ramen at the ramen shop?

jibaku shounen: Live like shogun?

thePfhitz: yes!!

thePfhitz: hehehe