#1610 – with SCIENCE!

hee hee hee.

anyway, went to work today and was packed (as usual). shortieterp text messaged me that she felt like going up to annapolis, so i met up with her and her little sister meaghan in their fraternity (it’s co-ed – crazy!) at the mall. we got bored so we went up to umbc and hung out with bruno_boy and met up with some of meaghan’s friends there too.

it’s great when you think up plot lines, and suddenly realize a PERFECT joke. good thing i remembered to write it down for future reference… ^^

speaking of comics, i thought of something interesting… first, go read this. go ahead… i’ll wait…

done? ok…

you know how you can see various syndicated feeds to view on your journal? i just thought today that it would be the coolest thing if keenspot/space could do some sort of agreement with lj, where you could pay an extra fee along with subscription to lj, and that would allow you to view rss feeds of the comics in livejournal!

see, i added a bunch of comics syndicated by rss feeds to my journal, and i put them all in a friends list grouping, so by going to that grouping it shows me all my comics.

why’d i do this? well, with almost all webcomics, i like to read them but i keep forgetting to check the sites… being able to view them at the same time as something else i do frequently – check livejournal – would save me time and i’d be able to keep up with my comics a lot easier.

if lj were to be looking for comics for more content that people could sign up for, and if keenspot/space were to be looking for more moneys, it would be TEH KEWLEST THING EVAR!!!! if they both did some sort of agreement where keenspot/space would be providing the comics, and lj would be recieving extra income that could be split between itself and keenspot.

the only thing i can think of that would be a big issue would be bandwidth, having lots of comics all being accessed at the same time… it reminds me of the sites where someone would set up lots of comics to load all on one page, but then again, that was being done to avoid ads and stuff, while this would be an extra fee that would be paid (offsetting the ads, i suppose).

in any case, it just makes sense to me. it probably wouldn’t ever happen… i guess you comic-y types that know more about the inner workings of keenspot/space could think it over and play armchair management for a moment and tell me what you would think of something like this… i’m just curious as to what sort of ideas people would have if there were this sort of distribution. i think it would be cool though… ^_^