#1598 – a sort of tablet

well, it’s not really a tablet, but i got a program for my handspring that lets me draw sketches on it, and i found a script that can export the sketches out of the backed-up file as bitmap files.

i’ve done quite a few sketches on here (this program is VERY handy when i get bored in class!), and lots of them aren’t too bad! ^_^

i was able to open them up in a demo of photoshop elements i was experimenting with (i like how it has a built-in option for making speech bubbles, hehe), and i was able to open them in graphicconverter and quicktime player… but for some reason preview isn’t opening them up… weird.

not that it’ll really matter when i get my hands on an actual copy of photoshop elements, but i just think it’s odd…

guess i’ll work on more storyline! XD