#1593 – a short story

aeire challenged people to write a short story to go with this picture:

just because i feel so silly, since i don’t really write stories, here’s a repost of my story…

Ebenezer proclaimed to the penguins, “OY! There is a new home for us, full of enchantment and wonder! Come, birds who never have to fear being sucked into jet engines (that is, unless you happen to be standing in front of one directly as the pilot shouts ‘Contact!’), and let us migrate! Yes, both ourselves and our ziggurat, and let us make our way to !”

The penguins looked at Ebenezer, spellbound. Perhaps that may be because of the fishy odor wafting from his body, but in Ebenezer’s defence he happened to work at the local fishery (yes, the one from The Simpsons, the Osaka Seafood Concern, so therefore these are Japanese penguins, or 日本のペンギン “nihon no pengin”… or perhaps Ebenezer was on vacation… anyway, I digress).

The penguins looked at Ebenezer, and he stared back at them, his beard flowing in the breeze. “Well?” asked Ebenezer of the penguins.

“RAWK!!” they said.