#1590 – random

ok, tonight is just one of those rather random frequent post update binges…

i realized that these trackpants i’m wearing have POCKETS! *puts hands in pockets* isn’t it COOL?

the history channel is showing a show in a few minutes all about airport runways! XD WOW!

i have myself a samurai name. i’m GLENSHIN the samurai. that kenshin has nothing on me. ha!

… speaking of kenshin, the first time i saw the anime, i thought kenshin was a girl pretending to be a guy who was a samurai (which isn’t that hard to think of with pictures like that… ^_^;;)…

OHMAIGAWD!! i’m missing my show all about runways!!!

i really ought to be put in bed. i think it (it being my mood) is a combination of village people music + breakfast food (cereal) + boredom lazyness.