#1587 – bandwidth saver

had to end up taking down the videos that were made before animeusa this past october in an attempt to curb the bandwidth usage, and tomorrow i’ll probably have to take down ALL the videos. ;_; this morning we had used 11.666 GB out of 15 GB for our bandwidth, and when i just checked a little bit ago we were up to 13.5 GB… so now we only have 1.5 GB of bandwidth for the next week… ^_^;;;

at least they should have it configured by tomorrow (i requested it today, and things usually take within 24 hours to be set up) so we can have custom 404 error pages, that way people trying to download videos will see WHY they’re down… ^^;

of course, if anyone would want to donate to yuki’s harem, feel free to paypal funds over to, hehehehe… ^_^;

i did my taxes today – i owe the feds about $110, and owe the state $161. rackum frackum… >_<;;