#1582 – katsucon

back from katsucon, but not really. see, i’m stuck at dan’s place because of the tons and tons of snow that we got saturday night / sunday / this morning. basically, there’s anywhere from 16 – 24 inches of snow out there, more where there’s snow drifts from wind or piles from snow plows(up to 3 feet of snow). i told my managers that i probably wouldn’t make it to work today because of all the snow, and they said that they’d open up the store at noon if they opened at all. i was worried about school tomorrow since i was going to have an exam in one of my information systems classes, but they closed umbc for both today and tomorrow, so i guess i’ll have it on thursday (if school is open by then).

anyway, the convention was lots of fun. stueypark and i stayed at zenmetsu‘s place thursday night, and on friday we (stu, dan, dan’s brother dave, and i) went to the convention via metro since there’s a subway station right next door to dan’s place.

friday and saturday i dressed up as lupin the 3rd. throughout the con i took about 30 pictures of people in costume. i saw various bits of different shows (like the first chobits dvd – it won’t be released until another month or so; gigantor; .hack//SIGN; a little bit of noir; a little bit of the love hina spring movie; grave of the fireflies; goshogun, the time etranger which was really cheezy… imagine people over 70 years old that look like they’re 30, and their big claims to fame after saving the universe was one opening up a fried chicken franchise and another becoming the surgeon general).

the opening ceremonies were pretty funny – the japanese guests cracked me up. i didn’t get a chance to go to their panels or autograph sessions, though. they also had a j-rock band there called “duel jewel”… they were pretty good instrumentally, but their singing was pretty bad.

sat in the panel by bandai (which lasted about 10 minutes :P). also bought lots of stuff in the dealers’ room (dvd: adventures of the mini-goddesses vol. 1, black heaven vol. 2, lupin the 3rd and the dragon of doom, lupin the 3rd – world’s most wanted, ah! my goddess vol. 2, and dominion tank police. manga: lupin the 3rd, vol. 2)

what really suprised me was that i won an award in the music video contest! XDDDDDDD best comedy for “kiss me, son of god” by they might be giants, set to neon genesis evangelion. i thought it was a funny video, and i guess the judges did too – they said that some were “unintentionally funny” by which i guess they meant the ones that turned out pretty bad ^_^; it’ll be going up online soon after i get back to my place (since my internet connection is much faster than dan’s, and much more stable – keep an eye out here for me to let you know when it’s up so you can download it if you want to. as a prize they gave me a little statue, and 3 dvds (two were of the videos that made it into the contest, and the 3rd were the ones that didn’t).

yeah, it was a pretty fun convention. XD