#1580 – mystery shopper

one of the other greeters i work with was mystery shopped (by a mystery shopper who doesn’t know the difference between greeters and actual verizon wireless employees, haha) while working at our kiosk about a week ago.

he got a 66%. and beat the senior sales rep at our main store, lol.

he would have gotten an 88% if he asked one more qualifying question (to figure out how the customer would have used the phone), and if he had been wearing his nametag. our district manager doesn’t think that they’ll do a reshop, but he’s disputing the 7 points lost because of the nametag because 1) he doesn’t work for verizon wireless so he isn’t required to wear a nametag, and 2) according to the other salespeople, he always is wearing his nametag, so they think that maybe the shopper didn’t see it or something…

trying to encode my latest music video to mpeg right now, so dan and stu and i can burn our videos to cds tomorrow to give out at katsucon over the weekend. it’ll probably be released online late this weekend (certainly not before the music video contest!). it’s not working very well. it took about 10 minutes to do whatever it did, though. dan knows this program better than i, so maybe i’ll load up the files on my ipod and bring that with me to his place tomorrow too…

something makes me think that it’ll be a hit with certain people… hee hee hee.