#1577 – a funny story

at our fraternity meetings we start with an education session – last night we had 3 (a cool umbc police officer about alcohol, a lady from mary kay that one of the guys met on a plane who talked about recruitment, and an RA who’s a girlfriend of one of the guys gave a talk about sexual assault).

when we went to the presentation by the RA, she was saying that people can be offended by gestures or slogans on shirts, so one guy said “well, what if i said ‘i’m offended by purple shirts?'”

girl (happens to be the only one wearing a purple shirt): *points at us* “well, then, anyone wearing a purple shirt had better take it off!”

us: *look at the girl expectantly* ^___^

guy: “you’re wearing a purple shirt, you’d better follow your advice and take it off”

girl: “uhm… … … it’s red. really!” ^_^;


too bad i don’t have about $300 right now… i could go to london for $318 round trip with this special british airways is doing. too bad you have to purchase by midnight on thursday…

i was late to class today. it wasn’t too bad, though. maybe i’ll post tomorrow more stuff before work if i have time… i must go to bed now…

note to self –

physics: chexter, idiot with a piano, women in problems, taco bell != heidi fleiss

meeting: hitting on women with cardboard soda boxes