#1573 – organization

work today was slow but picked up as the day went on. then i met up with zenmetsu and stueypark and bruno_boy and we saw “shanghai knights”. pretty funny movie, and it had a sexy chinese girl in it too. XD

i even found some moon pies at the mall, so i bought two. ^_^

changed / deleted / fixed some of my email filters and folders, and signed up for the keencon2003 email list. i still don’t have the keenspace space i applied for, but then again i’m not sure if i want it if it’s been having all sorts of problems from what i hear. but then again, it would simplify things some, and also it would let me call myself a keenspacer and give me more credibility when i drop by the keenspace booth at the con – i could say that i actually work on a comic, instead of being the guy who was in a comic and made suggestions as to the plot of that comic.

but first i need to get started on my comic, el presidente. and to do that i first need to get me a graphics tablet. ^_^;