#1571 – quotes

pete: “i’m hungry as hell”

dave: “how can someone be ‘hungry as hell’?”

me: “well, when you’ve only got the empty souls of the damned to eat…”

dave: “yep, the song ‘apples and bananas’ sure is a classic”

me: “maybe, but i’ve never seen it on an ac/dc greatest hits album!”

me: “i can just see it now… ‘ozzy osbourne does children’s songs’!”

tomorrow there may be a lot of snow… i hope that it’s mostly cleared by 5 pm… stueypark and zenmetsu and bruno_boy and i were going to go to the movies and see “shanghai knights”… ^_^;

my computer programming class seems like it’s “computer programming for dummies”. the other day the professor told us how to convert from binary to decimal numbers, and in the example he gave us we got the number 77 as the result. this led to a bunch of people in the class asking questions like “what does 77 mean?” and when he replied that it was just a number, they didn’t believe him and kept asking if it was a location in memory? or maybe was it a command? or perhaps it was an error message? he had to keep telling people in the class that it was just a number we got for the example problem. 9_9

so today he tells us about basic unix commands (i knew all of them and then some already). when he told the class “with mv you still only have one copy of the file, it’s only been moved to another location… but with cp, you get TWO copies of the same file”, and i sat in the back of the lecture hall and saw everyone excitedly nodding their heads saying “oh, i understand it now!”, i just had to facepalm. later in class he was demonstrating these commands and so created a bunch of empty files via the touch command, and all these people freaked out – “OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT COMMAND? WHAT DOES IT DO?!?! HOW DO YOU USE IT?!?!”

sheesh. and to think that i decided to take this course instead of jumping right into CMSC 201 just because i hadn’t programmed in 3 or 4 years (and when i last programmed, it was in a teach-yourself course that zenmetsu and i were able to take with 4 or 5 other guys since we had already had about 3 languages under our belts by then and we ended teaching each other). at least it ought to be an easy “a”, i guess… ^_^;;

valentine’s day coming up is starting to get rough. sat next to a cute girl in my physics lecture, but halfway through the lecture she started writing a letter to her dear so-and-so. then afterwards i went to hang out in the commons and ended up chatting with another girl who was pretty funny, but then she started talking about what happened when she went to the movies recently with her boyfriend. ^^;; after she went to class i went up to the fraternity apartment to hang out until my computer programming class, and they were planning on going out dancing tonight. i had to decline because 1) i’m broke, and 2) it was going to snow tonight and i didn’t want to have to slosh through however many inches we might have got by early morning, and finally 3) i have to work tomorrow morning. my sempai offered to loan me the $10 cover charge, but i declined because i owe him $2 already from payment for spaghetti.

wish i could have gone out dancing. ^^;; apparently girls get in free now, so that would have meant lots of members of the female persuasion there. (don’t know who persuaded them to be female, but hey…)

dammit, i was just going to change the batteries in my handspring, but the two leftover i got before going to japan that i put on my desk when i got back i can’t find right now. -_-;; (just found them when i went to change into my pyjamas. my remote control for my ipod is lost, though ;_;)

and apparently even thought i paid all my tuition myself last year, i can’t deduct any of it on my taxes since i can be considered a dependent. so my dad gets to claim that all. ^^;;;

ok, i probably ought to head off to bed now…