#1569 – $0.94

man it’s cold outside. i had to walk all the way across campus to the car after class and hanging out with bruno_boy and yimmer. i also got $5 out of the atm at school to get gas with on the way home. i looked at the reciept and it says that my balance is currently $0.94. ^_^;;;;

at least now i had enough gas to get home and now have enough to get to school and back tomorrow. looks like i’ll have to pack a lunch for myself for tomorrow, though… ^_^;; and good thing that payday is friday XD

when i was walking back to the car, one (perhaps not so) crazy thought came into my head… if i had a girlfriend on campus, then i might not have had to walk across campus to the car in the cold and wind to drive home – i would have had someplace to stay and have someone warm to cuddle with!

yeah, i’m a dork… ^_^;