#1565 – interpret this, will ya?

last night i had a really weird dream… it had these in it (a * means it was a recurring element)

escaping from old rusty sinking ships / submarines* + lupin the 3rd* + russian mafia* + going back to japan + red dwarf (meeting danny john-jules aka “the cat” and he selling me a bunch of red dwarf books and a “girls of red dwarf calendar” so i had to carry these things around for the rest of the dream) + kentucky fried chicken (col. sanders, at least) + the 1969 baltimore orioles winning the AL championship and returning to baltimore in front of a giant poster advertising orange crush soda + running around old museums + my store + russian acrobats (i think they were the russian mafia in disguise) + columbo (the acrobats killed / knocked out my store manager so columbo had to investigate).

really weird dream. guess that’s what happens when i fall asleep right after eating chicken, stove top stuffing, and green beans for dinner. i was disappointed when i woke up and found out i didn’t really have any red dwarf stuff from danny john-jules. *sniff*

what’s up with everyone being interested in aviation after i said i wanted to get a license? one of my fraternity brothers wants to fly too, and now i read that staedtler wants to get a pilot’s license too (he doesn’t have me on his friends list, so i guess he used PSYCHIC ABILITIES to learn that i wanted to fly)… i guess i’m just that influential… XD

goddamn what’d they do to the interface for ?! i liked it when it was all brushed-metal and so on… this one sucks… i had to upgrade though because some of the things (like choosing user pictures) suddenly stopped working. well, now they work, but other stuff isn’t… hard to explain. apparently it was rushed out because the previous version had problems, so i guess that it’s alright at least that they know about it…