#1560 – *koff*

woke up this morning, took my pill, drank some of that squirt soda, and went back to sleep. i tried to eat some breakfast but could only eat a few spoonfulls of cheerios. i don’t remember if they’re still in the bowl on the table now or not.

anyway, i figured i had at least make an effort to go to work, since the doctor’s note only excused me up through today. so i got dressed and drove to adecco and talked with them there. i said that i felt bad being out of work for so long, but i wasn’t sure if i could make it in today or not. they suggested talking to people at the store to see what they thought, but it was ultimately my choice. so i went to the store and talked with jason (a really cool manager) and he said if i wanted to work i could but he wouldn’t make me. i got a drink of water, thought it over, and decided to go home. the salespeople said that i looked pretty bad – rather pale – so i figured that i had best get my rest.

now i gotta figure out a schedule for the greeters tomorrow since i’ll be at class, and i’ll return to work on friday.

time to take my cough syrup i got from the doctor (it makes me drowsy, so i couldn’t take it until night otherwise), and take a nap.