#1551 – salaryman

today so far i went to the tokyo stock exchange. not as exciting as you would expect – all you can really see are pictures showing the history of the stock exchange, and a bunch of guys sitting around using computers. at least it was free. which reminds me, i need to hit up the atm here in the international forum and get some food… at the hostel i stayed at last night (very nice place, on the 18th floor of an office building… just like a hotel, except it had bunk-beds) i shared the room with a japanese salaryman who had heard that it might snow heavily this morning, and since he had an early-morning meeting in the same building, he decided to stay there for the night. unfortunately i didn’t realize the heater was left on overnight, and even though it was on low, i woke up today with a dried-out throat. now i’ve got a headache too. ;_; i’m thinking that getting some food will help me out some, and good thing i’ve got some advil with me too…

things i may try to see for the rest of the day, before heading on the shinkansen back to kyoto at about 6 pm:

– ameyoko shopping arcade in ueno

– imperial palace plaza

– kichijoji

– shibuya

– harajuku

(once it gets dark)

– shinjuku

– akihabara