#1549 – umeda

first thing today, lisa’s new roommate arrived from australia, so we had to quickly move my stuff from the room i was staying in to lisa’s room where i’d be staying for the next day or two. after everyone got settled in and the other two roommates left to go to work, lisa, her new roommate, and myself showed the new roommate the important things near the apartment like the train station and the corner store.

after walking around town showing stuff like that, we three took the train to umeda (about 20 minutes away) and showed the new roommate where to catch the subway to where she’d have her training. after finding that, lisa showed us a used manga (japanese comics) store where we explored around and looked through the books and other various things they had on sale there, and then we went to a rotating sushi bar for lunch. i tried two things (i don’t know what the first kind was, but the second kind i had was tuna, and i got to try a salmon egg too), and then we walked through another covered shopping passage and looked at all different sorts of video games that they had out for people to play.

on the way back we stopped in a bookstore because the new roommate wanted to pick up some postcards, and we took the train back to tatatsuki to show the new roommate the international grocery store and the local grocery store, and came back to the apartment.

i think tomorrow we’re going to try to find the hostel office in kyoto so i can get a membership card, and go exploring around there. if i’m able to get a membership card, then i’m probably going to trade in my voucher for the japan rail pass on saturday and then head south, moving up north. then early next week i’ll stop by the apartment here in takatsuki for a day, and then head north to tokyo for a day or two, and come back here on friday.