#1548 – pictures

pictures of the stained-glass crab in BWI that i took while i was hanging out at the airport waiting to check in for my flight.

the snack i got on japan airlines – a bag of japanese nuts / crackers, and to drink i had “SKY TIME”, a kiwi sort of drink.

the PTV for my seat had an option to see where the plane was, so i was able to watch it fly up the coast, south of alaska, across the pacific, and south to japan.

dinner on japan airways – (from bottom left, clockwise) chicken and carrots, rice, rice wrapped in seaweed, salad, and a custard sort of dessert.

views of mt. fuji (fuji-san) out my window

logo for what’s basically japan’s version of UPS… cute! ^-^

saw this great bit of engrish as the name of this shop… it’s called “FUCK’N COOL”, lol.

that’s all the pics i’ve taken so far, i’ll update more as i take ’em and get the chance, and the full-sized ones go up once i get home. ^_^