#1546 – nihongo a go-go

been here about 5 hours so far, and have rode on planes, trains, automobiles, and even a bicycle. i’ve been keeping a travel log on my handspring so you’ll be able to see my thoughts on everything as they happened! if i get a chance, too, i brought the cable for my camera so i may even be able to hook that up here and copy my pics that i was able to take with it online so you can see them even before i get back from my trip.

but as for right now, i am tired. flying about 18 hours or so does that to ya.

kittenchan and vond and i went to dinner at a cook-your-own food sort of place. it was yummy and the staff yelled at us (in a nice way!) to have a good night, lol.

so tonight we’ve been looking through my guidebooks to see what to do. i think tomorrow we’ll stay kinda close to home and look into getting maps and whatnot of places to go and visit, and see if we can find a youth hostel so i can see about becoming a member in order to stay in a hostel later.

haven’t really been able to use my japanese to speak to anyone, but on the flight on japan airlines they gave all the messages in japanese first then in english. but once they gave it in spanish (!) when they were paging “el senor such-and-such”, hehe.

btw, japanese tv weather reports are WEIRD. o_o;; as for the rest of tv i think i’m eccentric enough to have my own tv show, hehe…