#1543 – interview

i had my interview today – i think i did pretty well. we were swamped at work late in the day, though – 2 sales reps, and about 10 customers. ^^;;; i’m getting better at passing off customer complaints directed at me when there’s nothing my fault and nothing i can do to fix it: one guy glared at me and complained how we didn’t have any chairs. i glared back and his wife said to him “ssh, dear, it’s not his fault!”)

dad got two little jolly rodger flags today (jolly rodger as in “hack slash off with his head walk the plank arr matey!”) – one for the lightpole at the front of the house, and one for anne. NONE for me! ;_; he got it for the lightpole for this round rolling party to help people find the house – the civil war reenactors are meeting here on saturday to plan out their events… kinda like my fraternity retreat… except the reenactors also are going to be rolling rounds for their guns at the same time and getting their drink on.

tomorrow i work in the morning, go to umbc in the evening, go to redwood trust at night, and will probably stay at umbc overnight so i can just go from there with the guys to the retreat on friday afternoon. get back from the retreat on sunday, and go to the airport late sunday night / early early monday morning. fly out from bwi monday morning at 6:00 am, fly out of charlotte at 8:25 am, and leave los angeles for japan at 12:35 pm arriving in japan at 5:30 pm on tuesday.

*whew!* that’s quite a rush. ^_^; i wonder if i should take a quick look to see what sort of hostels are in tokyo in case i want to crash there for the night…? i thought about it, but who knows, knowledge like that can never hurt to have…