#1536 – holdup

i’ve checked my phone so many times to see what they came out with at the

macworld expo today, i’ve probably gone over my minutes by now. 😛 can you

believe a laptop with a 17″ screen?! damn… that’s HUGE! at least they came

out with one with a 12″ screen too, and the specs on it seem to be pretty


today has been really boring, yet it’s been really hectic as well. nobody is

online on my phone’s AIM list, so i can’t chat with anyone to help pass the

time. ;_;

i’ve got my interview later today (tony did his interview already today),

and apparently there’s a guy from voicestream t-mobile

who’s friends with several people i work with who is applying for the

position as well. tony says that he and i ought to beat him up together,

then we have a joint alibi – “really, officer, i was out with tony / glenn

that night!” >:D

apparently someone pushed the holdup alarm in our store as well, so two

police cars showed up asking where the robber went. our response was pretty

much “what holdup? i haven’t seen any guns…”. we checked all the buttons

and asked everyone standing by them if they pushed anything, but they all

said no. i think i have it figured out, though – there was a lady in here

most of the morning with a little kid who was running around, and she

finished up and left with the kid shortly before the police showed up. the

kid wasn’t really well supervised and was running around the store, and the

mom was at a desk where there was one of these holdup buttons, so i think

that the kid pushed the button and the mom didn’t notice.

mark is back with his food, so as soon as he’s done with his lunch then it’s

time for my interview… i’m kinda nervous… i wonder what sort of

questions he’s going to ask…