#1527 – disjointed post

i’ve got a bad headache so i’m just doing a quick stream-of consiousness post before going to bed:

got the cds “i get wet” by andrew w.k. and “greatest hits” by run dmc today. i was thinking of getting the cd by foreigner with the song “jukebox hero”, but since i’ve only heard two of their songs i wanted to be sure that i liked the anime “black heaven” before i got that album so i can make my music video. ^_^

just now i watched the first few minutes of “black heaven”, and i really like it, hehehe. ^_^

did lots of stuff today with dan, dave, pete, and a little bit of stuff with stu too. we played with pete’s gamecube, and went to the amish market, and eb games, and tower records.

i like playing “beach spikers” on the gamecube. >:D

time for bed so i can wake up for church in the morning. depending on the weather, we may be going to ikea tomorrow too – they’re having a sale! ^-^