#1525 – grades and a stalkee is on to me

my grades for school are posted:

IFSM 202 – systems analysis methods: A

ECON 101 – principles of economics: B

MATH 150 – precalculus mathematics: F

ECAD 210 – practice of management: B

i knew i’d fail math… that class was hard, and i did not care for my instructor or my TA at all. 😛 i was suprised that i got an A in my ifsm class… i had suspected that i would get a B in that. ^-^

picked up two pamphlets from freeway airport – the guy that works there and a student pilot (middle-aged guy) that were there were both really nice.

dan got me a dieselsweeties shirt for christmas! ^_^ it’s of clango’s grandpa, the classic mac. ^^

also got black heaven #1 from suncoast. the redheaded girl at suncoast who sold it to me thought i was stalking her… long story, hehehehe. too bad she’s engaged. ^_^;;;;

me: *finishes up ordering food from subway for dinner*

girl: *comes in store*

me: *looks over at girl*

girl: *smiles at me*

me: *^_^* *goes to eat dinner and spends time staring at the doorway to see when she comes in*

then later we went to suncoast…

me: *goes to buy “black heaven”*

girl: “i saw you in subway… are you stalking me?”

me: “OH NONONONONO!!! *^_^*;; i was just, uh, buying this…”

girl: “oh, good, because otherwise i’d be all surprised and say *holds head in hands* ‘i have a stalker!!!'” ~_^

me: “hehehe, well… i do work in the mall at the verizon kiosk, so if you do see me around the mall, i’m not stalking – really!”

girl: “hehe – besides, i’m already engaged… look at what my boyfriend gave me…” *shows off ring*

me: “ooo” (dammit!) ^_^;

zenmetsu, bruno_boy, stueypark, pete, and myself all went to see “catch me if you can” tonight – they really liked it, and i’m glad i saw it a second time ^_^

i think it might be time to sleep in a moment…