#1522 – no ac/dc in the am

the other day on the way to work they played “back in black” on the radio, and since it’s one of the few ac/dc songs i’ve heard i know how it goes (at least the part where they shout “BECAUSE I’M BACCCKKKK IN BLAAACKKKK!!!”).

so all morning the other day at work i was in a good mood and i wanted to start singing shouting “BECAUSE I’M BACCCKKKK IN BLAAACKKKK!!!”

i didn’t, though. i was really tempted to because i saw one of my coworkers and she was wearing an all-black outfit, so i wanted to whenever i saw her. but i didn’t…

me: what made it worse was when i first arrived

me: and saw one of my coworkers, she was wearing an all black outfit

me: so whenever i saw her i wanted to start sining

me: er, singing too

dan: wow, that wasn’t a freudian slip or anything

anyway, last night when we were watching new year’s eve on tv, after midnight they showed jack black singing “back in black”, so then i got to scare impress everyone with my great singing skills.

you know, it’s really weird to hear a song that’s been remixed and used as a ddr song… “smoke on the water” by deep purple / “fire in the sky” by mr. ed jumps the gun

hey, dan – you doing anything this weekend (friday/saturday, saturday, or sunday)? myself, dave, maybe pete… we’re thinking of doing something – hang out, go to a movie, fart around (pete says ok, but only if i bring the burritos), *shrug*… i’ll bug you on aim tomorrow or give you a call…