#1519 – happy new year

went to umbc for a party that we were having with the fraternity – had a pretty good time. someone thought it was the year of the rooster, so people kept saying how it was the year of the cock, but turns out it’s the year of the goat instead. oh well.

went with three other brothers to get eats at taco bell (closed), so we ended up going to a grocery store and got what we wanted to eat. i got beef ‘n bean burritos – yum!

went back to the party, hung out, watched the ball drop, had a champagne toast. some of us walked around a quarter of the campus to get some fresh air. then we watched austin powers 2, and after that we watched super troopers (we love that movie, hehehe).

people started crashing for the night / leaving to go home at about 5 am. i fell asleep and woke up at about noon – 1 pm. hung out with the 3 other people who were still there, and left to go home at 2.

now it’s 2003 – yay! happy new year!

time to find some breakfast ^_^;