#1515 – yeah! and 2x AHNULD

we were going to put in the movie “true lies” (starring ahnuld schwarzenegger) so kelly wouldn’t have to watch it with commercials and whatnot, but instead she saw that “kindergarten cop” is on tv, so we’re watching ahnuld star in that, hehehe

they had a commercial on TBS right now for a special they’re doing new year’s eve and the movies they’re going to show.

one of the movies is “trading places”. they had the guy that says “YEAH!” say “YEAH!” at least twice, maybe even 3 times during the commercial, lol. XD


me: *talks about this one actress in the movie*

mom: “what’s her name?”

me: “the actress? pamela reed”

tv: *breaks for intermission* “that actress’ name is pamela reed…”

me and mom: O_O;;