#1513 – catch me if you can

went to work today – we were pretty slow (for a sunday, especially after being used to the pre-christmas rush.

went to church after work, came home for an hour for dinner (i thought the family would be back from ice skating, but they didn’t show up while i was here), then went to get gaiadea and we went to the movies.

susan wanted to see james bond, i wanted to see either that or “catch me if you can”, and since james bond was sold out, we saw “catch me if you can” instead. i really liked it – just as i suspected, it was like a live-action lupin, hehehehe… the trailers make it seem like it’s more of a comedy, and while some parts are funny, it really keeps you guessing.

i think on saturday i’m going to go to dc to the japan airlines office to get a japan rail pass… if i’ve got enough from my paycheck, that is… i don’t think i’ll have any problem, though ^-^