#1512 – new plan

we changed my cellphone plan at work today, lol. i had gone over my text

messages by 276 this time (using a total of 876 messages), so i ended up

having to pay about $28 more, giving me a bill of just over $100.

since there’s no special giving me both mobile web and text messaging with

anything over 600 text messages, we gave me the $5 mobile web plan (doesn’t

include text messages) and the $10 for 1000 text-messages plan.

since i also only used up about 300 minutes this month peak-time (i’ve been

text-messaging a lot more now, and using my mobile web a lot less), i was

able to move down from the $55 for 550 peak / 4000 offpeak minute plan to

the $40 plan with 400 peak / unlimited offpeak / 1000 mobile-to-mobile


if i don’t go over my 1000 text messages, then i’ll pretty much have cut

down my cellphone bill in half! ^_^

i’m going to drop off my resume with the manager when we close up today. i

told him that i was going to apply for the position, and when tony at the

kiosk heard about that he had mark give him a call to find out when the last

day to apply for it is. that traitor! 😛 lol. they did an interview with

one guy for the position today, too… dunno how that turned out… *shrug*