#1509 – rocking out at rocking out

did my chores this morning, and then stueypark and i picked up bruno_boy and we went to zenmetsu‘s place to hang out and watch the movie “7 samurai”.

we also went to compusa so i could exchange my ipod, since it had been giving me occasional problems lately.

at the first compusa:

– talked with the customer service lady, who was able to look up my warranty info

– was told that they could swap it out for the same model (unfortunately they didn’t have the same model in stock)

– was told that if i wanted, then, they could call me when they got it in stock, or i could trade it up for the next model

– said that i wanted to trade it up, but they were all out of ipods anyway

so we went to the compusa in gaithersburg:

– said to the customer service rep that i wanted to trade my ipod in for the next model up

– found out they didn’t have any of the next model up for the mac (but they did have it for the pc, and the only difference is the way the hard drive is formatted and the windows version comes with pc software too)

so i got to exchange it for the pc version. they just refunded me $399 (what i paid for my 5 gig ipod back in march), and used that credit to pay for the new 10 gig model (now at $399), so i didn’t have to pay anything! ^-^ i got the TAP (technology assurance program – basically their insurance for computer products) for one year for this new ipod, just in case it has “problems” that i “need” to exchange it for, hehehehe ^_^

so i just doubled the size of my ipod’s harddrive, and got a bunch of new extra things (like no scroll-wheel, improved headphones, carrying case, and remote control) for free! ^_^

watched “7 samurai”, and ended mst3king lots of it, lol. the movie took homosexual undertones after hearing what some of the characters said (“he’s got a gay demeanor”) and did (one guy wrestling with a girl who he thought was a guy), and watching the trailer after we finished the movie just encouraged us, lol… (“a flaming romance against the shadow of war!” said the trailer)


went out to pizza hut for dinner, got shitty service. 😛 went back to dan’s place for a little bit, and now am back here.

i get to work all day tomorrow at our kiosk – whee!