#1504 – family

went to my aunt and uncle’s place for christmas with the family – basically they live out in the sticks at a place that used to be a horse farm. now it’s more like a dog kennel since they’ve got 4 or 5 dogs (all hound-dogs) and they treat them like they’re lapdogs. 😛 i don’t care for their dogs much.

anyway, we all hung out and my cousins and i went sledding down a big hill in their back yard – we pretended we were a jamaican bobsled team, like in “cool runnings”, and i sang “electric avenue”, lol. and when we weren’t sledding we were having snowball fights with our aunts and uncles who were up on a deck.

we went inside to open presents. we gave our relatives these little luggage tags that my mom had made from her stationary store. from one family i got a bag with candy and stuff. from another family i got $10 cash. from pap-pap i got a check for $130. XD methinks that the money will go towards financing my trip, hehe. ^_^;

i also found out today that my paycheck that i’ll get at the end of the week will be for $462.13… that’s about $5 less than my tuition payment i need to get in by the end of the month. *makes money plans for trip and tuition for next month*

i still don’t know what i want to see in japan yet… *reads guidebooks some more* ^_^;;

i’ve got a headache now… x_x;;