#1503 – merry christmas ^^

so i woke up at 8 am, and went upstairs where kelly, anne, the cats, and i got to see what was in our stockings ^_^

in my stocking, i got:

“wish you were here” by pink floyd

– a tie with airplanes on it

– a snap-together airplane model

“the aircraft encyclopedia”

– miscellaneous fruits / nuts

then after mom and dad woke up and came down, we got to giving gifts to everyone. i got mom a fireplace-scented candle for our fake fireplace (she has a bunch of candles in there that she burns). i got dad a 2-dvd set with “the kentuckian” with burt lancaster / “the alamo” with john wayne. i got kelly the movie “life is beautiful”, and i got anne the “spiderman” dvd.

(it was funny, though – kelly was getting stuff that she’s had before but she had lost… like her digital camera, and her school ring, lol)

from kelly i got a new wallet! ^_^ my old wallet was kinda falling apart, so she got me a new one to replace it. this one also has two pockets for bills, useful for carrying foreign currency, hehehe. she also got me “dangerous waters: modern piracy and terror on the high seas”, lol XD

from anne i got the “spiderman” dvd, lol – exactly what i got her. we figured that we can both keep ours so when i move away the family has their own copy, hehehe.

from mom / dad i got:

“kanji pict-o-graphics”

“how airliners fly”

“giant jetliners”

lots of yens. 11,000 yens, in fact! i put them in my new dual-currency wallet ^_^

– a magnetic globe that “seems to defy gravity” – that’s what the box said

– thermal underwears, for when i go around japan so i won’t be cold

now we’re eating breakfasty-sorts of stuff, and then later we’re going to my aunt and uncle’s place to have christmas with my mom’s side of the family – tomorrow my dad’s parents and maybe an aunt and uncle or two will come to our place. ^_^