#1502 – even more christmas eve

at dinner, my dad thought the reasons to go to spring break in canada were funny, but he also said “how are you and your fraternity guys going to be able to find these ‘hot canadian chicks’ when everyone’s all bundled up because it’s 30° below zero?”

my sister kelly was talking about the christmas tree of a family that she knows

kelly: “you should see the flynn’s christmas tree!”

mom: “who’re the flynns?”

kelly: “what?”

mom: “the flynns… who are the flynns?”

me: “‘the flynns’… isn’t that the guy from ‘happy days’ that said ‘AYYYYYYYY!!!’?”

mom & dad: “THAT’S THE ‘FONZ’!”

i knew who the fonz was, but i couldn’t help making a joke, hehehe…

also, anne blurted out something about my present… i think i know what it is now, and it’s the same thing that i got her, lol ^_^;;

after dinner, i picked up crackers the cat and held her over my shoulder. she climbed up my shoulder and got comfortable, lol:

with glasses, too:

that was funny – she didn’t want to get down, she was so comfortable up there, hehehe

now we’re off to 8:30 christmas mass ^^