#1501 – christmas eve

i was able to get my music video mailed off at the post office this morning – it wasn’t as crowded at all, which surprised me.

waking up in order to go there was the big adventure, though…

last night after getting home from work, having some eats, reading through some of the tour guides i bought, and watching some conan o’brian (with this funny guy talking about “the padonkadonk”… long story), i went to bed at around 2 am.

at 5:25 am i hear this *scritch scratch scritch* at my door. my door is this folding accordian door, so it doesn’t take much to push against it to open it. apparently gizmo the cat forgot about that and so he went *scritch scratch scritch* for a minute or two until i sleepily got out of bed and opened the door. i thought that was going to be it, so i went back to bed. next thing i know, i hear this sound of plastic bags rustling. that damn cat found a plastic bag in my room and proceeded to lick it, causing this loud *rustle rustle rustle* sound to wake me back up. to help him kick his plastic-bag-licking habit, i whacked him a few times (tough love, y’know?) and tossed him out of my room and shut the door and went back to bed.

two minutes later… *scritch scratch scritch*. opened the door, gizmo came back in, i went back to bed, and now gizmo jumped up on my bed. i thought he was going to be good and snuggle some, but after being good for a minute he was back going *rustle rustle rustle* at the plastic bag! pick him up, whack him again, toss him out of the room, but this time i left the door open.

he comes back in, jumps up on my bed, i think he’s going to be good again, but no. now he jumped up on my dresser and was going after a plastic bag up there. enough was enough, i grabbed the cat, took him upstairs, and closed the door to the basement.

damn cat. he woke me up halfway through my sleep time, so the most sleep i got in a row was 3.5 hours. -_-;;; i got to work and they asked me if i had a rough night, so i had to tell them all about the cat.

work was kinda slow. REALLY boring. 😛 it started (and is still) snowing, though! ^__^

got home, saw my mail (got a flyer from japan airlines that basically said “holiday greetings, and by-the-way, you can’t use free miles to travel during such-and-such times”, a “renew now” letter from macaddict, and a renew letter from the eff).

dinner tyme!