#1499 – more preparations

i ended up getting to work at the mall about 75 minutes late ^_^;;; i had intended to stop by the post office before going to work (i still would have been late if i did that), and since i worked at the kiosk today we’re a lot more laid back about things there. i saw that i missed a phone call this morning, and when i arrived i asked kristina if it was her and she said yeah, but she was just trying to find out a phone number and thought i might have it. so nobody really cared that i was late, because she was the only one at the kiosk so far and hadn’t had any customers at all so far.

so, anyway, i stopped by borders while we were still slow – i was able to get the lonely planet guides to japan, tokyo, and kyoto ^-^ while i have a guidebook to japan, it’s not that great – it’s more based on culture than getting around (i don’t even remember if it really has any maps in there! ^^;). the girl at the checkout asked if i was going on a trip soon – HA! HA! HA! i told her about my situation, and she said that she wished she could go on a trip to another country, but she has been to canada, but maybe that doesn’t really count, though. hehehe…

chatted with kittenchan a little bit over AIM after i got those books. ^^

so anyway. work was pretty slow. i couldn’t wait to get out so i could read through these books (i had to work all day, until 11 pm ;_;). had to deal with morons who claimed they couldn’t see how much the phones were even though the price tags were right in front of them below the phones. 😛

i’ve got only about another week to work with sean before he goes off to work at our baltimore store. here’s a tip for those of you trying to choose a location to work at: find someplace that has a big burly guy who’s always happy and joking around – he’ll end up buying you lots of food because he loves to eat, so then you get free meals! ^-^ lol

i got home and saw my ticket from LAX – KIX had arrived. ^^

the fraternity (well, my sempai and another guy) are thinking of having the frat go to canada to go skiing for spring break, hehehe… their reasoning:

1. Drinking age is 18 for all the underage types.

2. Hot girls.

3. Exchange rate is in our favor.

4. Cuban cigars.

5. We can drive to Canada.

stu and i were thinking of going someplace (england? japan?) ourselves over spring break, so i said that if my other plans don’t work out then to count me in to go to canada, hehehe ^_^

and now i got to go to bed so i can get my stuff mailed before work tomorrow (work starts at 9 tomorrow, and the post office opens at 8. blech… i’m opening every day i’m working this week… grr… only have myself to blame – i made the schedules, after all, hehehe…) – i need to mail off my music video so it can be shown at katsucon ^-^ and then i just need to work until 6 pm! ^^