#1496 – japanese museums

i was looking up info on things to do in japan, and i found this:

“Who knew that Tokyo is home to so many offbeat museums? Sure, you’d expect the Sumo Museum, the Noh Face Mask Museum and the Takagi Bonsai Museum. But a Button Museum and a Beatle Museum? You can blame Yoko for the later. Yoko Ono recently started the John Lennon Museum where visitors can view memorabilia of the famous Beatle. The Button Museum is sponsored by the Iris Button Company, and features buttons from 4000 BC to the present day. Other Tokyo treasures include the Kite Museum, the Eyeglass Museum (spectacles from the 16th century to the modern day), the Japanese Stationary Museum, and the interactive Drum Museum (where you can play many of the hundreds of drums from all over the world). Beer Museum Yebisu has displays on the history of beer around the world and the science of brewing, as well as samples of Sapporo beer. Truly odd museums include the Books on Glassware Museum (a collection of 700 coffee table books about glass), Cigarette Lighter Museum, and the Rubber Baseball Museum.”