#1495 – the pan-am / international glenn goodwill tour continues!

today i got my usairways ticket from BWI – LAX, and tonight i was able to get my ticket from LAX – KIX! ^-^

for my us airways tickets, i basically gave the ticket agent lady at their ticket office in town here my planned itinerary from the us to japan, and she worked out everything from there. to get to los angeles in time for my flight, she said i could leave on the first flight out from BWI and get in LAX at 10:47 am (my flight from LAX – KIX leaves at 12:20 pm). she asked me if i was sure i wanted to cut it that close and i said “why not?” and she said that for international flights you usually need lots of time to be there before it leaves. we looked at the flight leaving the night before, and i said that i didn’t mind if i had to sleep in the airport, but she looked up the info for japan airlines and they say that you should arrive about an hour and a half beforehand, so we set me up with that flight.

for the way back, she was confused for a minute why lots of flights were pretty packed until we realized that that was super bowl weekend. i was set to arrive in los angeles at 11:40 am. she said that the first flight that left there was at 12:45, but we doubted that i’d be able to clear customs that quickly, so we booked me for the next flight, leaving at 11 pm! o_o;

she asked if i knew anyone in los angeles that i could stay with, and i said not really, so she told me that if i want i can standby on the 12:45 pm flight for free if i make it through fast enough, or if i was going to have to stay until the 11 pm flight i can either hang out and sleep in the airport, or go to a hotel near there (apparently they’re all around the airport) and ask for a day fare – because i’d be checking out the same day, hotels can often give you a room for about half-price if you need a place to crash while you’re waiting for your flight.

i think that if i don’t make the 12:45 flight i’ll be ok – i’ll find out where the closest in-n-out is and stock up on burgers! ^-^ (turns out the closest in-n-out is 10 miles away, oh well…)

the neat thing was, even though my ticket voucher said “service charge applies for reissue, i didn’t have to pay tax on this! ^_^ i guess if i wanted it reissued in someone else’s name? they did tell me i could do that if i needed to when they first gave it to me, hm… *shrug* the lady at the desk there said that i got a really good deal, being able to go round trip from BWI – KIX for only $700, and she said that she wished she had friends in japan too, hehehe. i wasn’t able to upgrade the ticket to first class (that would have been really cool) with my frequent flyer miles, because not only is the voucher non-upgradable, but i also am about 2500 miles short. oh well. at least i got window seats so i can sleep on the way there and back.

so then i went home and tried to get my tickets i had reserved on jal through travelocity, but travelocity was giving me errors when i tried to access my saved reservation, or when i tried to get a list of all the flights. ^^;; stu and i went to dan’s place then so he could work on his music video on dan’s computer and we could hang out with pete.

after we got back home from that, i was able to log in no problem and order my tickets! ^_^ they’re going to fedex me paper tickets to use – i can’t use e-tickets.

so, my itinerary:

monday, jan. 13:

06:00 am – fly BWI – CLT

07:22 am – arrive at CLT


08:25 am – fly CLT – LAX

10:47 am – arrive at LAX


12:20 pm – fly LAX – KIX

tuesday, jan 14:

05:50 pm – arrive at KIX

saturday, jan. 25:

06:45 pm – fly KIX – LAX

11:40 am – arrive at LAX


depending on customs:

12:45 pm – fly LAX – PHL

08:54 pm – arrive at PHL


10:10 pm – fly PHL – BWI

10:57 pm – arrive at BWI


11:00 pm – fly LAX – PIT

sunday, jan. 26:

06:23 am – arrive at PIT


07:45 am – fly PIT – BWI

08:48 am – arrive at BWI

i still need/ought to tell adecco that i’m going to be out for about 2 weeks (i won’t be working jan 10 – 12 because a a retreat with the fraternity). they’d be kinda suspicious to not see any paystubs from me for two weeks, lol.

i was text messaging back and forth with tony, the temp that used to work with us and is working with us as a greeter over winter break, and he said that as he’s kinda broke if there’s any days that i want him to cover for me he can work for me no problem. when i found out that he’ll be with us until january 28th, i told him “great! you can work for me from the 10th – 25th!” hehe.

according to my adecco employee handbook, i’m supposed to get a vacation bonus for reaching 1500 hours. since reached that just (1502.25 hours) before december (when it’s processed for people reaching/passing 1500 hours by then), i’ll be getting that most likely in my next paycheck or two. and it’s guaranteed to be at least $200 (the actual amount depends on how many hours i worked and my average amount i’ve been paid. that’s good, because then that’ll help me pay for tuition that month, since i’ll only be working one or two weeks or so in january, lol. ^_^;


*practices his 「すみません、エイゴはわかりますか?」*