#1492 – voodoo

one of our technicans was teling us today how yesterday some lady came in with her phone in a plastic baggie and was holding it at arms length. she said that she wanted it swapped out – there was nothing wrong with the phone, but she said as a wristwatch might not feel right on your arm, this phone didn’t feel right in her hand.

so the tech talks to the manager, and the manager says ok, just swap it out. the tech then tells the lady that the phone she’d be getting in exchange is a used phone, and the lady says ok, not a problem, just swap it out.

so then the tech gets out the swap unit and puts it on the desk.


tech: O_o

lady: “I DON’T WANT ANYTHING FROM MY PHONE TO GET IN CONTACT WITH MY NEW ONE!! i don’t want any parts, or batteries, or even the numbers transferred from the old one to the new one!”

tech: “uh, ok, but you’d still be using the same battery…”

lady: “i don’t WANT to use the same battery!”

tech: “ok! ok! i’ll swap it with a battery from an old phone we have” o_o;

we didn’t have any batteries that were working properly from old phones, though, so when the tech got out the replacement phone and was getting it ready, he took down an old battery from an old phone, did some sleight of hand, and put the lady’s battery back in her replacement phone.

as he was finishing it up, he heard the lady say quietly to her daughter “there’s nothing physically wrong with the phone – it works great. but i can tell that it’s been cursed with voodoo…”

would you believe that? THIS LADY’S PHONE WAS CURSED WITH “VOODOO”. no kidding.

so he finished up with the lady’s phone (using her old battery), and gave it to her. she said that it felt much better.

the tech told us that he didn’t know what reason code to put down for why it was swapped out… there’s not really a choice for “cursed phone”, lol.