#1490 – dream made me thirsty

since i was going to be driving to the airport late tonight, and since i worked until midnight last night, i took a nap tonight while my family went out to a show one of my sisters was putting on at school because i was really sleepy.

i had a weird dream… it was a really weird dream:

all i remember was at one part i was in the living room, and dad was watching gettysburg on the dvd player (but that was in the den instead of the living room). i found on the dining room table some book that had a bunch of short civil war stories, and dad had a story in there, and in the beginning of the book it had little blurbs of the authors and pictures of them. so it had a blurb about dad, and the pic was a pic of the family in civil war clothing, and it had a caption for the picture. i don’t remember everything about the caption, but it went like this:

caption: *such-and-such*

ps – *such-and-such*

pps – “here is the author and family in costume”

in the front cover of this book it had who the book was dedicated to. there was a big picture of an ex-slave who had this crazy hairstyle with hair going all over the place, and he was lying on a lounge chair. his name was “coke colacorp”, and after the civil war (he was 10 at the time), he had pictures of him taken for some magazine just because of his name. he wanted to eventually go to paris for something, but couldn’t for some reason, so he tried to become the spokesperson for coca-cola.

when i woke up, mom told me that dad wanted to drive to the airport if i was too sleepy, would i be heartbroken if i couldn’t go to the airport. i said that if dad wanted to go, that was ok, but i just had a 5 hour nap so i was ok. i told her about the dream and she thought it was crazy, so i got up and got a coke and said that the dream made me thirsty, hehe

just now on letterman they did a funny thing called “what’s up with saddam hussein and hats?” – they figured that if you were an evil dictator with billions and billions of dollars at your disposal, then why not use that money to make yourself look like a happening guy, so then punks in america like david letterman wouldn’t make fun of you. so they showed a bunch of pictures of saddam, and they were pretty odd-looking. one of them looked like he was wearing a pajama set and a tracksuit while looking at guns and letterman said “if you were to see someone looking like this out in atlantic city, you’d say ‘who is this boob?!'”

very funny segment.

anyway, now time to hang out until kelly and john finish watching “o brother, where art thou” so i can take him to the airport for his early flight.