#1488 – econ exam

i think i did pretty well on my econ exam. we got back the last paper we had to write after we turned in the exam, and i got a 100% on it ^_^ i figured out that with that i can get a C on the exam and still get a B in the class ^_^

i also liked some of the answers to some of the questions on there, like:

– a cartel is a group of firms who agree to: sell phones in cars

– which of these is an example of a public good: beer

– a monopsony is: the word “monopoly” written by someone who can’t spell

i think i did pretty well on the exam. we already knew some of the questions / answers because each week in class the professor gave them to us as incentive to come to class.

after the exam i sold back my econ and math books to the bookstore and was given $57 for them, and now i’m back home, just hanging out.

i found out i’ll be getting $402.37 for my paycheck this week… good thing i’ve got that credit extension on my bank account – once i get that payment on friday then i can definitely get my japan ticket what with the money i have in my bank account, that paycheck, and the extension ^_^

so, the plan:


– hang out at home and relax


– work

– do more christmas shopping


– go to usairways ticket location to see about using ticket to west coast

– buy ticket to japan

– go with stueypark to zenmetsu‘s place


– work