#1485 – 45.25

45 hours and 15 minutes – that’s how many hours at LEAST i’m on track to work this week, and that’s even with a day off tomorrow (well, wednesday, which is techinically today) for my econ exam, and a day off on friday to get some errands done and go with stueypark to zenmetsu‘s place.

today i opened at our store (i realized last night that even though in the new schedule i was supposed to work open/close at the kiosk, the other greeter working today didn’t know the new schedule, so i opened at the store so i could tell her about the new schedule when she arrived), worked there from 9 am – 3:30. did some christmas shopping (went to tower records and talked with some of my former coworkers there – they wished that i was back working there because i’m such a cool guy. and i didn’t see a single pink haired girl there! >.>;;). got lunch, and went to work at the kiosk from 4:30 on. i thought the mall closed at 10, but turned out it closed at 11. and then when we closed, our deposit was off and that took forever to figure out, so i didn’t get out until midnight.

anyway. shortly after i arrived at the kiosk, kristina left to go home, so it was really just myself and sean working – when the big rush arrived, i had them form a line across the front of the kiosk from one side (where sean was) to the other (where i was). that way i could go up and down the line answering questions and getting the ball rolling for different things people needed to do, and so if they needed to see a salesperson then i just had them stand at the back of the line. we went like that for about 45 minutes or so. o_o;

and now i ought to get to bed because i’ve got an economics exam tomorrow at 1 (i thought it was at 3 – good thing i double-checked my schedule!). i think i’ll do ok… it’s a pretty easy class – i just need to review the notes and stuff beforehand…