#1484 – christmas shopping

one week left to do christmas shopping – kinda hard to do some of it when you don’t have a list of stuff the people you’re shopping for want…. ^^;;

if they don’t make lists, then mcdonald’s gift certificates for everyone! >:D

seriously – that’s a threat if i’ve ever heard one. when you end up looking like wesley willis because you got fat from eating those fatty hamburgers, fries, and all that, you’ll only have yourself to blame. >.>

hm. but mcdonald’s gift certificates would certainly fall within my budget, though. and when you’re eating your yum yum yummy food, you can sit back with a fistful of fries and think of me! ^-^

not a very flattering gift, i know, but one must think of having money to pay for japan trip on friday before prices start increasing as the date nears, and tuition is due at the end of the month. but i did work lots of overtime last week, and am doing so again this week. so for my tuition i’ll just have to mail the check for that rush delivery or something so it gets to where it needs to go on time.


mcdonald’s gift certificates it is, then! lol