#1483 – crazy about being eccentric

i told my parents about maboo‘s description of me:

mom: “what does he mean, ‘mad’?”

me: “‘mad’ as in ‘crazy'”

mom: “what are you saying in your journal to make people that you’ve never met think you’re crazy?! and why are you so proud of it??”

me: “i’m not proud of being crazy, i’m proud of being eccentric: crazy is when you get sent to the loony bin… eccentric is when you sit around in bathrobes and smoke bubble-pipes!”

mom: *facepalms*

dad: XD

i was supposed to work from 9 am – 5 pm. the greeter who was supposed to come in at 5 couldn’t because his wife had to go to hospital or something, so they asked if i could stay a bit longer. i stayed until 7 (when we finally cleared out the big crowd that started at 5), and went home. they also gave one of the greeters the boot for being not very useful, i suppose, so today i had to remake the entire schedule all over again. ^_^;