#1480 – punctual monkey punch

last night i was reading my lupin manga in bed, and one line made me crack up laughing:

“here they come right on time. unlike monkey punch, shianese people are extremely punctual.”

SO TRUE. like all you people who went to comic-con this year, listening to me talk about trying to catch monkey punch for an autograph, to be told “he’ll be here at such-and-such time” and arrive at that time to find he already left or isn’t coming after all. ^_^;

anyway, today i worked at our kiosk at the annapolis mall. i swear, if i work at that kiosk too much, i’ll end up getting fat. i’ll just balloon up and waddle around.

seriously. do you know how much i ate today? i went to chic-fil-a for lunch, mcdonald’s for dinner, and then my coworker sean treated us to johnny rocket’s for a late-night snack. so yeah, chicken sandwich + caesar salad +coke + double cheeseburger + fries + coke + hot dog + onion rings + vanilla coke = a fat glenn. imagine a picture of william howard taft with my face pasted on.

yeah, i know you really wanted to hear about my eating escapades.

anyway, so i showed up to work this morning at 9 am. no problem. the kiosk manager, troy, was assisting customers when i arrived – turns out they were the type that said “i know that you’re not open for another 15 minutes, but could you pleeease answer a question?”… and then one question becomes several questions, and several questions end up becoming a purchase, and then a multiple line purchase, and so on. he said that at least he was able to get two lines / two sms / two insurance out of the sale, but still – bothering him while he’s trying to get the kiosk open? sheesh.

*refreshes music for the post* i prefer “misty mountain hop” by led zeppelin instead of “fat bottomed girls” by queen. anyway… back to the story:

kristina and sean were supposed to arrive at 11. turned out kristina was out with her boyfriend who’s getting ready to join the baltimore county police and become a po-po (so she didn’t arrive until 1), and sean was working at one of our stores in the baltimore region, and he didn’t get to the kiosk until 3. we also had another lady from customer service helping us out too. later, tracy – one of the relatively new greeters also from adecco – stopped by to get some extra hours in.

so that’s pretty much what work was like. we were swamped at the beginning because it was really just troy and myself working, but once we had 6 people working there was enough to go around for everyone to keep us all busy. and i like working at the kiosk – even though i worked 13 hours, it went by really fast.

tracy thinks that after the holidays they might actually make permanent greeter positions with verizon wireless. NOT adecco. all i can say is “FINALLY!” reasoning is one of the bigwigs stopped by one of our kiosks somewhere, and i guess there was only one person working there and they had to go to the bathroom so they left a sign that said “be back in 5 minutes”, and this bigwig thought that doing that was VERY unprofessional and said that nobody should have to wait to get serviced, so they want all the kiosks to have permanent greeters. tracy told me that mark, our store manager, was looking to have 3 of the greeters work as permanaent greeters after the holidays, so since i’ll be working in our store tomorrow i’ll be able to ask him (or whatever manger is on duty) about this.

added kaboom to my friends list – roundabout way how i found her: i realized last night that i didn’t have “travel” as an lj interest (isn’t that stupid? me? not having “travel” listed? sheesh). so i did a search for users that had it listed and got 1000+ results and lj yelled at me to refine my search. so i said “ok, gimme all the users that like to travel who are 19-22 years old so i get similar sorts of people” and then just poked at the results that i got. she seems interesting, and since green is my favorite color, she got added. *waves in case she sees this post*

also, on a similar tangent, they’ve posted the dates for music midtown next year – yay!

um, and that’s it for the day, i guess… i’ve got to get to bed so i can wake up early for work tomorrow. yippee.