#1474 – freezing

it’s freezing here in the store… x_x;; the girls back in customer service

got a spaceheater, and i have to stand up at the front of the store with

people opening/closing the door and letting in all this cold air. ^^;;

when my replacement comes in at 3:30, then i have to run to adecco to ask

them about having them pay some of my tuition, then i go to the mall to get

my hair cut by my sexy stylist (even though i probably don’t really

need a haircut yet, it’s starting to get kinda long and i’m going to

be too busy over the next few weeks to get it cut, so i’m just going to get

a trim today) – i’ll be posting a quote from a conversation dan and i had

last night about her after i get home tonight. after my haircut, then i just

walk through the mall to our kiosk to work until 10 pm tonight.

that’s one good thing i like about working at the kiosk – because it’s a lot

more informal and there’s always people moving about, time passes there much

faster than it does here at the store.

driving to work this morning wasn’t hard… it was all rain, no ice. the

back window of the car was iced over, and i didn’t have time to scrape it

off before going to work since i was running a minute or two late, so i just

turned on the rear defroster, and that did the job. and because of the

“ice”, it’s been very slow here at the store all day today – i’ve only had

to write down 8 people on my list all day (well, the 3 1/2 hours i’ve been

here, so far). it feels really odd, because usually you can get 8 people in

a half-hour, or less if it’s one of the busy times during the day…