#1473 – el presidente

so i was looking at megatokyo and thinking of what i want to do with el presidente when it’s ready. i still haven’t recieved keenspacespace (“keenspacespace”! haha!) for it yet, so i was thinking of maybe getting a domain name for it.

i had checked weeks ago and saw that was free. now, it is for sale! what’s up with that?!

so then i check, and that belongs to some luxury crusiers. it’s already “the virtual home of the president of latin america”

so it looks like my choices are, or, or

*blarghs* sure, i don’t have any real content yet, but still… those bums, buying out already… it’s only because they know it’s going to get super popular and they just want to make their own ripoff comic (complete with merchandise), this one starring william howard taft and his electric car. 😛


so i’m talking with my friend michelle about being a fratguy now, and she was was wondering if i was “getting lotsa hawt sorority chix.” i don’t think they’ve noticed yet, but i did notice one girl looking at me as i was walking through the commons. either that, or she had her eye on the pizza i was about to eat. ^_^;;