#1471 – 2 down 2 to go

went to school and took my two exams for the day. i rocked out on my management exam, which is good, because i needed a good grade to get my grade for the class from a C to a B. i was very pleased with that – the only bit of it in question are just a few of the multiple choice questions, but as for the short answers and essays i did really well on that i’d say.

on my information systems exam i’m not quite sure, though… it was only 5 questions, and each was 20 points. and the format of that exam is very odd… it’s very open-ended and problem-solvingy… the professor tells us that when we take the first exam, people think they’ve failed and decide to drop out of the course, when it turns out that they actually did really well on the exam.


anyway, so after my exams, i went to the bookstore and sold back my management and information systems books, and they gave me about $110 for the two of them – yay! ^_^

now to get some more eats for lunch and then get ready for work… i’m working at the kiosk at the mall today, which is good – i like working there because it’s a lot more laid back and we’re free to do more of what we want to, hehe…

and why can’t i type today?? my fingers are going crazy and if i didn’t correct them you’d have seen tons of typos by now. i guess because i had two exams and had to do lots of writing in the first and ALL writing in the second, so now my arm and hand are sore… x_x;;