#1469 – clothing

know how on they say “customers that searched for such-and-such also searched for: list of similar items“?

well, i was searching for motorhead albums on there just now, when i got this message:

Customers who wear clothes also shop for:

• Clean Underwear from Amazon’s Target Store

• Ladybug Rain Boots from Amazon’s Nordstrom Store

• Arm Warmers from Amazon’s Urban Outfitters Store

• Cheetah Print Slippers from Amazon’s Old Navy Store

• For a limited time get $30 to spend at Amazon when you spend $50 in Amazon’s new Apparel Store! Limit one offer per household. Explore more in Amazon’s new Apparel Store

“customers who wear clothes??” how can they assume that i’m wearing clothes while searching their store online? (i do, though… sorry, girls, no glennudity today)

stu said at least people were buying clean underwear, though, lol… but it’s kinda disturbing how they have to make that qualification about how the undergarments they sell are clean, lol ^_^;