#1464 – initiated

ok, so now i’m initiated as a full-fledged brother. and since just about everything done last night was sekrit (i love that olde fashioned spelling, lol), you won’t be hearing about it 😛

the car had a weird shimmy on the way home… whenever it passed 50 miles / hour, it started shaking like crazy. at first i thought i rolled over a traffic cone that my sempai chris told me that he ran over in the parking garage, but when i pulled off at the airplane viewing area by bwi to inspect (it was awesome, having a jet fly over the car as i was pulling into the viewing area without me realizing that the jet was about to land… i thought some car was speeding by me when i heard its jet engines, lol), there wasn’t anything there. it seemed to lessen some on the way home, and when i got home i think i saw some ice and snow that was crammed into the front of the car. maybe that was causing it? *shrug*

and now, that i haven’t gotten any sleep in the past 24 hours, it’s time for bed. x_x;;