#1463 – my eyes

i keep rubbing my eyes this morning, and it still feels like there’s something in them, and my vision’s been slightly blurry. i’m still feeling tired, which may be a problem later today.

at least i’m not seeing a constant red tint

shower time, head to the mall to pick up a few things, head back here to grab some other things, stop by compusa if i have time (to get my ipod exchanged – it’s been giving me battery problems recently¹)on the way to umbc, then you won’t hear from me until sometime tomorrow… initiation is tonight, and all we’ve been told is that we’re going to be blindfolded and driven off somewhere sekrit. it’s supposed to go all night, so that may be a problem what with me feeling sleepy ^_^;;

¹ – really odd… the other day i charged it overnight, listened to it for maybe an hour, more likely 40 minutes, and that night when i went to listen to it the indicator said i had 3/4 bars of battery life left, but onscreen it said that no battery power remained. things like that. maybe it’s the cold weather, but that happened when i only was outside from class to go to the car, and it was in my inside jacket pocket, too… hm.